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Beqo Hoti


Beqo Hotis fundamental beliefs are built on the adage that the client always comes first, no matter what. Transparent, honest, and ethical, his commitment and dedication to exceptional customer service and experiences for his clients is evident in every interaction with Beqo.

A strategic thinker with strong business acumen, and huge international network Beqo has built a strong reputation in the international circles as someone who’s has worked amongst two of the biggest brands within the real estate world such as Christies International and Sotheby’s International. We can with huge confident say that Beqo does it vastly different and delivers results for his clients. Beqos exceptional negotiation skills are clearly displayed in those results, consistently delivering.

Phone : +46 701 450 339

Email: [email protected]

Magnus Bönnemark


Magnus is a completer through grace and compassion and assumes responsibilities under his terms.

His availability and will  pushes the company forward and creates an efficient workplace where everyone is considered, appreciated, and positioned to achieve.
With several years in the brokerage industry, he makes a reliable member of this winning team.

"We all know that our customers are the most important in our world, and we focus on that 100%, from the first meeting, and through the whole process. Working close to my co-workers, we create an excellent platform for our customers and stakeholders to feel comfortable."

Magnus Bonnemark